Harbor Steel Improves Performance, Reduces Costs with IBM Power7

September 5, 2012

When the support contract for their IBM server came-up for renewal at Harbor Steel & Supply recently, Jason Balavitch, Vice President of Information Systems, asked Paragon Consulting Services to help assess his options.


Harbor Steel’s IBM server runs Paragon’s Metalware ERP software for metal service centers. So, Paragon technical and software specialists were well-qualified to help Balavitch evaluate his situation and weigh his options.


Harbor Steel continuously leverages new Metalware features to increase sales, improve customer service and reduce costs. As more features are deployed to more users and locations, better performance is needed by the IBM server. Balavitch wanted to take advantage of new IBM features to boost server performance.


An important consideration was cost. Fortunately, Harbor Steel was able to buy a new, high-performance IBM Power7 server for about the same cost of renewing the support contract on the old server.


Paragon helped make the transition fast and easy for Balavitch, and seamless for Harbor Steel’s Metalware users. The new IBM Power7 server was delivered to Paragon first for system set-up and then it was sent on to Harbor Steel in Muskegon, MI.


“We just unpacked and installed the new system in our server rack

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