EDI Mapping with menten Software, LLC

The solution your business requires
menten Software, LLC is a central communication platform for your electronic business transactions. The solution brings IBM i raw data into the desired formats or sends business documents on the suitable transmission path to employees, customers, and trading partners.
By automating processes, you will free up personnel and time for value adding activities in your company. Grow steadily and reliably with the help of fixed module prices. All modules on menten Software, LLC work hand in hand and can be combined with each other as desired. The security functions such as encryption and signature can be used, for example, both in communication modules and as an independent function at the file level.

Using the newest EDI standards, the menten Software, LLC Solution Suite makes it easy, even for beginners, to convert without error-causing changes in the storage media and at a high level: profit from its flexibility and easy handling.

The new menten Software, LLC Solution Suite offers vital added value in all areas in the smallest detail: more performance, more conversions, more data security, more efficiency, more market opportunities, more ergonomics, more flexibility, more comfort, and finally, more profitability thanks to the performance of the IBM Power Systems.


menten Software, LLC WebControl is easy to understand and intuitive to use. An integrated logbook provides a quick overview of various log entries for sessions, documents, processes and partners, while the master data management offers quick and easy configuration of the software solution menten Software, LLC. Individual settings can be defined for each user and several menten Software, LLC versions can be managed on one system. menten Software, LLC WebControl runs natively on IBM I with direct and resource saving access to ZendServer and the IBM DB2 Database,

A dashboard offers various displays and diagrams with the most critical live information, including statistics on CPU load, number of jobs, objects sent and received – as well as colored symbols to provide a high-level overview of real-time system status,


With menten Software, LLC *MAPGUI it is now possible to create data mappings on the IBM Power Systems simply and efficiently with a graphical interface. The new menten Software, LLC Solution Suite with its graphical interface sets a new standard for the use of IBM Power Systems (System i, iSeries, AS/400). Not only its technical highlights but also its multifaceted functionality with the newest techniques simplifies the data mapping process.

The self-explanatory and intuitive user interface gives IT employees a familiar working environment. It is now possible for IT employees to review mapping processes in a source and target view. Conditions and tasks of mappings are displayed graphically, including description and properties of each individual element, which creates a unique overview and lowers the number of errors.

To create mapping the user simply drags an element from the source tree on the left and drops it in the working area. The user then drags and drops the corresponding element from the target view on the right to the same workbench.


menten Software, LLC AS2 is the native solution for communication via AS2 on IBM Power Systems. The menten Software, LLC *AS2 and *CRYPT modules provide all the advantages of high-security internet communication.

The AS2 protocol (Applicability Statement 2) was developed to put electronic business communication using the internet on a most reliable and secure basis. AS2 is the best choice for exchanging business documents electronically. Based on HTTP or HTTP/s and using well known features like standardized S/MIME attachments, this protocol is based on reliable already approved technology. It not only uses digital signatures and a high level of encryption to make it secure, it also has a build in acknowledgement feature using MDNs (message disposition notifications) that reliable state the success of an electronic data transfer. This non-repudiation feature build on an industry standard communication protocol made AS2 the most important communication protocol for electronic data interchange (EDI).

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