Who We Are


Paragon Consulting Services, Inc. was incorporated in June of 1996.  Initially we offered software development and EDI services for what is now the IBM I and Windows based systems. Our goal then, as it is now, was to bring together the best IT talent available and provide our customers the greatest possible value.  Since then our list of IT services  and other offerings have grown substantially.


EDI expertise is and always has been woven through the fabric of our company.  In 2000 Paragon implemented our outsourced EDI service, further enhancing our EDI offering.  Our B2B Services division has grown rapidly due to extraordinary customer satisfaction.


In 2002, Paragon purchased Metalware, a company specializing in software for metal service centers and toll processors.  Now known as our Metals Software Division, we have enhanced and developed new products producing a suite of software for virtually any size company in the metals industry.


Since 1996, Paragon has grown to have three separate divisions of products and services. Our divisions work stand-alone and in combination with each other to provide exceptional, sole source IT service.


Our Mission


To be a leader in Information Technology products, services, and solutions that enables and transforms the way business gathers, manages, distributes, and communicates information.

“Exceptional” Customer Service


Excellent Customer Service is striving to constantly and consistently exceed the customer’s expectations. Each member of the organization will place co-workers as a priority with customer satisfaction the result.

  • Solve problems in the best interest of the customer.
  • Follow through and communicate often to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Always look for ways to serve customers and co-workers beyond expectation. In doing so it helps them to know that you care.
  • It is okay to say “I don’t know”, but it should always be followed up by…”Let me find out.” Whatever the situation may be, ensure that you don’t leave the customer with unanswered questions.
  • Identify and anticipate needs. Be a good listener. know customers and co-workers in order to better serve them.
  • Pay attention to details in order to fully understand the task, its origins, consequences, and urgency.
  • Take ownership of customer needs from inception to conclusion. Take responsibility for all tasks. Be accountable for the project from beginning to end.

Employee Excellence


Understanding the quality of our work is portrayed by the quality of our people.

  • Communicate effectively and thoroughly.
  • Very often the simplest solution is the best one.
  • Praise loudly, blame softly.
  • Treating others with the respect and service you would expect.
  • Take personal responsibility for your own actions. Be completely honest in all business practices.
  • Demonstrate trust in your co-workers’ decisions and actions.
  • Remain flexible in the approach to meet customer needs, respecting the customer and the task at hand.
  • Cross-train within your department, as well as other departments that directly affect your job, enabling you to make better decisions.

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