IBM Power, AS400, and iSeries Consultants

IT solutions that work for your business!

Paragon Consulting Services offers specialized IT solutions and services to customers who currently use or would like to use various software packages on IBM Power systems (AS400, iSeries). Additionally Paragon offers custom software development and EDI/B2B solutions.

 Software Development

  • IBM i (OS400)
    • RPG (All Versions)
    • COBOL
    • DB2
  • Power Linux
    • PHP
    • JAVA
    • MySQL
  • Green Screen Modernization

The IBM Power/IBM i Consulting Services

RPG, PHP Programming and Consulting for IBM Power (AS400, iSeries, System i)

Paragon’s IBM consultants and programmers come from a rich and diversified business and solutions background. Our IBM consulting staff are subject matter experts in development and specific industries. We are fully capable of supporting legacy code yet possess the knowledge of contemporary development methods such as the latest in RPG (Free, All Free, SQL) and other supported languages such as Java and PHP. For web applications, we have embraced the power of the IBM Power System (formerly AS400, iSeries, System i) to provide rock solid business applications. For web services and consuming web services we again look to the power of IBM i utilizing the IBM IWS. Although we are skilled in multiple hardware and OS platforms, Paragon continues to take advantage of the outstanding processing power and unparalleled reliability of IBM Power. In fact, our knowledge helps us go beyond just software development and allows us to provide a complete, turn-key service.

EDI Consulting and Programming

Today, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is widely used and Paragon offers an array of products and services including translator software, implementation, integration, and our outsourcing services known as Foundational E-Business. We have years of experience with the translators most commonly used on the IBM Power such as TrustedLink, Gentran and Extol and have expertise exchanging documents within a wide range of industries. Additionally, we have all the software development talent necessary to fully integrate EDI with your existing ERP with complete automation and error monitoring. Additionally, your EDI infrastructure can be enhanced from batch to real-time by employing web services to transmit data for immediate processing.

Green Screen Modernization

One of the hottest topics in the IBM i world today is modernization which is the ability to add a GUI layer to your applications. Paragon has several products and methods to help you with that effort including products like NewLook and Profound Logic and utilities such as the 5250 Bridge and the IBM PHP Toolkit. If you’re looking to modernize your system make Paragon your first call.

Project Management

All of our services can be given oversight via any of the modern project management disciplines. Through proper project management we ensure that deliverables are on time and on budget.

IBM Power Hardware Sales/Service/PTF Application/Version Upgrades

Paragon is an IBM Business Partner and can also provide hardware installation and service as a value-add to our software and services. We assist in helping to size and configure your machine both at the initial purchase and whenever upgrades are necessary. Many financing options are also available. Then after the machine is installed, you can count on Paragon to be there for PTF application and Version upgrades. Looking for IBM i in the cloud? Click here to learn more about Paragon IBM i Hosting.

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