A Modular, Integrated Financial Management System

Paragon’s MuniciPAL® is a comprehensive financial management solution that streamlines local government operations. The modular, integrated system uses a common relational database and interfaces at the

account posting level. Redundant data entry is eliminated and accuracy is greater. The result

is improved workflow, better decision-making and increased productivity.


MuniciPAL® Software Suites

  • Financial Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Citizen Services
  • Billing & Receipting
  • Human Resources

Specializing in local government, backed by expertise.


Paragon’s MuniciPAL® is one of the most scalable, dependable and customizable software products you will find. Unlike some systems that have been modified or evolved to fit the needs of local government, MuniciPAL® was designed specifically for local government by experts in the field. Backed by our powerful accounting and tax billing modules, our software covers virtually every aspect of local government computing needs. MuniciPAL® is designed to meet Governmental Accounting, Auditing and Financial Reporting (GAAFR) standards and is updated constantly to assure compliance with state and local requirements.


Paragon’s clients get more than top-notch software, they get unmatched personal service from our technical assistance staff and professional expertise.



Financial Management
  • Accounting & Financial Reporting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Budgeting
  • Fixed Assets
  • Project / Grant Accounting
Purchasing Management
  • Purchase Order Tracking
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Inventory
Citizen Services
  • Activity & Facility Scheduling
  • Service Requests
Billing & Receipting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash Receipts
  • Utility Billing
  • Miscellaneous Billing
  • Special Assessments
  • Real Estate & Personal Tax
  • Parking Tickets
  • Business Tax
  • Property & Licenses
  • Local Income Tax
Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Time & Attendance

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