Paragon Consulting in a down economy

In today’s economy, isn’t everyone looking to improve efficiency and save money?  Are you looking in the right places?


As a consulting company, Paragon has made itself versatile in the marketplace and can offer options for a Metal or Steel company that most ordinary software vendors cannot.


Over the last few years, Paragon has developed the ability to mesh metal industry expertise with technical consulting to handle most any customer request. Although the package software division at Paragon works primarily with prospects and customers interested in a full application system (using Paragon’s Metalware,  MetalNet or Metalware Express products), there are a number of customers that use Paragon’s consulting services in conjunction with their own custom software or with competitive software packages.



EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is one example of Paragon using industry expertise to provide the electronic movement of data between customer/vendor or vendor/customer.

Customers who use Metalware or Metalnet have the advantage of accessing built-in software features that allow the set up and implementation of EDI easily and efficiently.


Paragon offers a diverse set of options that allows you to pick the method that best fits your budget and requirements.  If you are looking for a way to reduce the cost of doing business while increasing your overall efficiency, then you must talk to Paragon about our managed EDI services.


Web development is another area that Paragon has seen growth in the last year. More and more metal companies want to use the internet for additional exposure and customer service. While the Metalware and MetalNet products offer a MetalWeb solution, customers not using these products can still create or upgrade their website.  Paragon has a vast portfolio of custom designed websites for metal and non-metal distribution companies alike.



Paragon also offers additional software products that can be used in conjunction with Metalware and MetalNet or as standalone products. The Paragon’s Customer Resource Management (CRM) product is an example. This product has the ability to tie directly into the Metalware software for synchronizing and sharing data. However, if a customer is using another distribution software product, only minor changes are required to form the same type of integration.


The same holds true for the Paragon Report Writer (PRW), a reporting tool designed to generate and deploy custom reports. Both the CRM and PRW products are windows-based products that can run on and with a variety of database environments.


As a consulting company, Paragon has much to offer a metals distribution business. A slow economy is a good time to assess where efficiencies can be improved. In many cases small changes can have a HUGE impact.


To find out more on how Paragon Consulting Services can help your business, visit our website at or contact us directly at 1-800-966-6725.

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