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Cloud-based metals services software saves you time and money. An On-Demand Software as a Service that takes the hastle out of managing your business.

Metalware in the "Cloud"

MetalNet, the “cloud” version of Metalware, is a reliable, secure, and economical way to automate your operations and increase your profits.  For a nominal monthly fee, we’ll handle all the IT support so you can focus on your business.

In-house computer systems are far more vulnerable to breaches and mishaps than outside data centers built specifically to provide secure and reliable information systems.


MetalNet runs on an IBM Power 9 server housed at an Expedient Data Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Expedient Data Centers leave ‘zero uncertainty’ when it comes to their security methods, with features such as:

The IBM server has storage for immediate data backup and recovery. Another IBM server does nightly backups off location in the unlikely event of a total site disaster.

Invest your time and money in running your business instead of adding IT personnel and maintaining computer equipment.

MetalNet includes complete day-to-day system management, end-of-period processing, installation of new software releases & updates, and maintenance of host equipment.

Flexible fee structures are available to fit your business goals and budget.

Is MetalNet a fit for you?

Before spending any more money on computer equipment to keep your old ERP system running, speak with us to see if MetalNet may be a fit for you.

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Paragon Consulting Services, Inc. - A model of excellence

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