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Software Development

Experienced Full Stack Development from idea to implementation. Business solutions that can automate business workflows and increase efficiency and productivity.


What is Multi-Platform?

Simply stated…The software works anywhere!  Whether its Microsoft Windows, Linux, IBM, Apple, Android or any other device platform, Paragon can build the solution.

What is Full Stack?

Modern applications use multiple technologies!  The combination of these technologies create complete business solutions.  Whether it’s hosting, programming, database or other IOT technologies, Paragon has the expertise to meet your needs.

Business Solutions and Modern Technologies

In today’s business world, web development is more than just a series of graphic web pages.  Companies now want to make full use of the accessibility and ease of deployment that web applications provide.  To meet this need, Paragon staffs an outstanding group of professionals to analyze your business needs, and then satisfy them with state of the art web development tools, languages, and techniques.

We can extend partial or entire systems to the web to increase ease of use, accessibility, order placement, and customer service.  We also have the expertise necessary to integrate the web applications with your current ERP systems.  Paragon is a total solution for web based business applications.

Staff Augmentation

Paragon does more than just fill an open position at your business.  We work hard to find highly qualified individuals who meet or exceed our personal standards, leaving you with the most highly skilled and professional recruits for your business.

We recruit the most talented and experienced individuals...

Since our beginning, Paragon has provided IT consultants to augment the IT staffing needs of both large and small companies, for short and long-term engagements. We provide a diversified set of skill sets including business analysis, project managment, software development, EDI implementation and technical writing. The strength behind our service is that we work to recruit the most talented and experienced individuals possible and effectively match them to our client’s needs and environment.

Why Use Paragon for IT Staffing and Recruiting?

  • Our consultants are subject matter experts. Paragon staffs experienced and highly skilled consultants, al­most all of which have 10+ years of IT experience. Our consultants are typically referred to us by trusted IT industry associates and are hired only after an exten­sive interview process.
  • Paragon is flexible in the ways in which we can provide staff. Our consultants can avail themselves to short and long-term engagements, on-site and remote, full and part-time. We are there to help with your companies typical and fluctuating needs.
  • Simply stated, we help you get things done. In to­day’s business environment, an employee often wears many hats that prevent them from significantly par­ticipating in projects, which ultimately causes adjust­ments to milestones and deliverables. Paragon consul­tants can be used to take over the day to day support your employee(s) provide while they are needed on critical tasks. Or, we can be engaged to implement your mission critical projects. In either case, using our consultants can help set clear deliverables and more aggressive timelines.
  • Our consultants are loyal and dedicated to your suc­cess. They are not part of the issues and politics that sometimes stand in the way of a project’s completion. They are there to serve the needs of your organization and ensure the success of your initiatives. Your success is Paragon’s success.
  • Paragon consultants are excellent resources to meet the IT needs of your company during good and bad economic times. They enable you to meet critical objectives without the time, expense and effort neces­sary to recruit and retain full-time employees.
  • We partner with you to help with your IT staffing needs. When you contract with Paragon for staffing, we work diligently and closely with you to maintain your IT staff in a timely manner, with the best resources possible.

Custom Software

The heart of our consulting services is custom software development. Paragon staffs a diversified group of experienced developers that have extensive experience in the IT industry’s most widely used platforms, development tools and ERP systems. We offer our service on a project basis and as staff augmentation.

Platforms/Development Tools

The Experience You're Looking For!

The strength behind our custom software and application development services is our people. We are not just a placement agency. We are a consulting firm. We select only the most experienced and talented technical people available and match the resource to our client’s needs by skill set and industry experience. This commitment to quality has built an impressive body of work, and an ever growing list of satisfied customers.

If you have plans for any software development projects, Paragon’s experience and diversified skills may merit your consideration. Please feel free to contact us for an appointment with a technical representative well versed in the skill sets for which you are seeking.

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