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Metals Software for professionals by professionals


Paragon provides innovative, integrated software products that have been meeting the unique needs of the metals industry since 1983. Our metals software is installed in over 200 sites and used by nearly 3,000 professionals to successfully compete in the global economy.


Our customers include flat-roll, full-line, pipe & tube, specialty metals, toll processors and fabricators of all sizes — from small, single-site businesses to large, multi-national enterprises.


Paragon’s metals software is designed, developed and supported by experts, each with decades of experience in the metals industry allowing you to focus on your business, not your software system, saving you time and money.


  • Metalware gives you an edge on profitable growth by automating tasks for making quotes, entering orders, controlling inventory, processing material, purchasing, trafficking, invoicing and accounting.


  • MetalNet extends Metalware’s robust capabilities to the Cloud providing a very cost-effective way to automate your operations and grow your business profitably.


  • MetalWeb allows authorized customers to request quotes and enter orders online. Customers can retrieve statements, invoices and MTRs and make payments online, too. MetalWeb has a very high ROI.


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