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MetalWeb is a web interface built specifically for the metals industry. Give your customers the power of 24/7 self-service with MetalWeb e-Commerce software. Increase your sales, improve customer service and reduce your costs. Do you have a Vendor Managed Inventory program? Save time and money - let your vendors make adjustments 24/7 with MetalWeb.

True e-Commerce for metals service centers, with vendor managed inventory (VMI)


MetalWeb is an internet portal that integrates with your metals software and connects your customers, your service center, and your vendors – all from your own website.  With MetalWeb, your customers can quickly access order and inventory information, check on account balances, make an online payment or retrieve copies of forms and certifications.


Information that would otherwise require a phone call to your service center can easily be accessed with a few keystrokes.  Limiting phone calls not only saves your customers time, but also reduces time and cost in your own customer service department.


Key Features: Metalweb screen shot


  • Quote Requests & Order Entry  – example screen >>
  • Inventory & Consigned Inventory Inquiry
  • Invoice Inquiry & Statements
  • Process Online Payments
  • Forms & Certifications Retrieval
  • Vendor Managed Inventory



Creating a customer account is quick and simple. Once authorized, your customers will have access to pertinent information through MetalWeb imbedded in your own website.  As you conduct business, information is updated immediately and is available for authorized customer access.  There is no requirement to “upload” or “batch” the data.  Authorized customers have access to information as quickly as your own support staff.


MetalWeb includes the ability to connect with vendors that have established a Vendor Managed Inventory program with you.  Authorized vendors can review inventory data and adjust their program accordingly 24/7.


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