Paragon’s Annual User Conference

Paragon’s Annual User Conference is fast approaching.  While we encourage all of our customers to attend the conference to learn the latest advances now available, we understand that busy schedules might not allow you the time to attend.


However, it is important that our customers know what is available in Metalware for your use TODAY.


For example, Metalware now uses a graphical interface to the system as part of the base system.  The graphical version allows for a much more intuitive application and allows new users and employees a much easier introduction to the Metalware system.  It also allows Metalware to integrate with the latest Microsoft software, such as excel (via download buttons throughout) and google maps.  All Metalware tutorials, which can be accessed directly from the graphical application, are now written using the graphical screens.


Barcoding is now an integral part of the base Metalware system.  We offer a suite of applications that range from receiving, material movement, inventory adjustments, physical inventory to bill of lading verification and various inquiry options.  Metalware supports both bar-coded tags, as well as barcodes on forms.  Utilizing barcoding in the warehouse increases data accuracy and provides a more efficient method for updating system data, not to mention that information is now available real time to the office personnel.


Imaging was added as part of the Metalware base system a few years ago, however, Paragon continues to broaden the scope of what can be held as an image in Metalware.  We now allow for not just lot/heat certifications and test reports, but engineering diagrams and skid diagrams.  The area of housing PDF documents continues to expand in the base Metalware system.


The Paragon report writer replaced the IBM query writer as a user-friendly application to generate custom reports and downloads to excel.  The application is designed to work with the Metalware files, but it can also be used to access any database.  It is easy enough for an average user, yet allows for some advanced level functions as well, especially if the user is familiar with writing SQL statements.


Paragon is also completing the development of some tablet apps, designed exclusively for use on a tablet device.  These are web applications that have the warehouse manager in mind, allowing them to drag and drop transactions in the application to build truck loads or to manage machine schedules.  These are in the final testing stage and will be available as part of the base Metalware system.


Paragon also offers some bolt-on modules that are available at a nominal fee.  One such module is Reveal, a contact management database that is integrated with the Metalware database.  This is a web application that is ideal for the outside sales group or executive management.  The module comes with a number of features and is quick to learn.  Customer service reps might also find this application beneficial when supporting your company’s marketing campaigns.


Another bolt-on module that is available is our Metalweb application.  Metalweb was designed to be a seamless tie-in to a service center’s web page that would allow customers the ability to pull information on order status, forms retrieval and even place quotations or orders directly into Metalware.  Parameters are set up individually by sign-in user so control can be established on what each end user is able to see and do within the application.  This can be a huge time savings to the customer support staff since the customer can now go in real-time to access their order information instead of calling the support staff and having them retrieve the data.


All, except Reveal and Metalweb, are available as part of the base Metalware system.  In addition, there are a number of core application changes taking place in Metalware.  One of the new features is the ability to generate a Metalware report in paper form, or as a downloaded CSV file – ready to be imported into Excel.  The financial reports now include this feature and for those who like their data in a formatted excel spreadsheet, this feature is a great option.


If you want to learn more about how you can fully utilize your current investment in Metalware, please reach out to me.  I would love to visit your office and show you these areas in person.  We can also help to set up a training environment so you can start to take a look at these features.  In addition, we are always looking for your input on what you think is a great feature and would benefit all Metalware users.

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